[Dovecot] v2.0.14 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Aug 29 07:15:22 EEST 2011


It's been a while since the previous release.. I've been a bit busy with
my newly created Dovecot support company, but it was also summer and I
wasted some time doing nothing useful. :)

Most of my recent time has gone to adding new features to v2.1 branch.
I'm planning on releasing v2.1.alpha1 somewhat soon and the final v2.1.0
sometimes later this year.

This v2.0.14 release also contains one larger new feature: Ability to
list and kick imap/pop3 proxy connections. This is done via a new "ipc"
process where all proxying login processes connect to, which allows
doveadm to communicate with them. If you're not using these features,
this change (and its potential bugs) should be pretty much invisible.

BTW. I know there are still mails I haven't read & replied to. I'll try
to get to them eventually, but you may as well re-send anything you want
me to read sooner rather than 6 months from now.

Some of the largest changes since v2.0.13:

	+ doveadm: Added support for running mail commands by proxying to
	  another doveadm server.
	+ Added "doveadm proxy list" and "doveadm proxy kick" commands to
	  list/kick proxy connections (via a new "ipc" service).
	+ Added "doveadm director move" to assign user from one server to
	  another, killing any existing connections.
	+ Added "doveadm director ring status" command.
	+ userdb extra fields can now return name+=value to append to an
	  existing name, e.g. "mail_plugins+= quota".
	- script-login attempted an unnecessary config lookup, which usually
	  failed with "Permission denied".
	- lmtp: Fixed parsing quoted strings with spaces as local-part for
	- imap: FETCH BODY[HEADER.FIELDS (..)] may have crashed or not
	  returned all data sometimes.
	- ldap: Fixed random assert-crashing with with sasl_bind=yes.
	- Fixes to handling mail chroots
	- Fixed renaming mailboxes under different parent with FS layout when
	  using separate ALT, INDEX or CONTROL paths.
	- zlib: Fixed reading concatenated .gz files.

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