[Dovecot] occasional dovecot crash, core captured but no symbol table info?

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Sat Aug 27 08:30:51 EEST 2011

Il 26/08/2011 20:38, John Clements ha scritto:
> Dovecot is crashing occasionally for me.  Today it crashed six times in quick succession, as I fired up a computer (Mac) I hadn't used in a while, and my mail application (Apple Mail) tried to synchronize many large mailboxes.
> The log entries look like this:
> Aug 26 10:26:15 computer dovecot: dovecot: child 23223 (imap) killed with signal 6 (core dumped)
> Aug 26 10:26:30 computer dovecot: IMAP(granitemon): Panic: file istream-raw-mbox.c: line 583 (istream_raw_mbox_get_body_size): assertion failed: (rstream->body_offset != (uoff_t)-1)



dunno if it has been fixed in 1.2.16 or 1.2.17, you may try to upgrade 
to 1.2.17 or apply the above patch.

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