[Dovecot] acl with hierarchy separators mismatched config

YAEGASHI Takeshi yaegashi at debian.org
Wed Aug 24 06:10:53 EEST 2011


2011/8/24 Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>:
> I remember listescape had problems with ACLs, and that it wasn't really possible to solve those bugs without major changes. The good news though is that those major changes are done in v2.1 where it should work.

Ok, I would avoid using maildir++ layout with listescape for now.  I
confirmed that it could support folder names including dots without
listescape by using LAYOUT=fs.

> Also you could make FS layout almost reserved-folder-name free by adding e.g. :DIRNAME=Mails to your mail_location. Now the only reserved name is "Mails", and you can of course use any other name that users are highly unlikely to use (and remember that folder names are case sensitive).

Yes, I've learnt about DIRNAME from the dovecot wiki.  Currently that
config could be the best for LAYOUT=fs.

Thank you for the valuable information and suggestion!

> Seome day I'm hoping to add yet another option that mailbox names wouldn't be used in filenames at all, but rather their GUIDs.

Good.  Looking forward to seeing it.  I also expect some of mailbox
migration tools to be available :-) (dsync can do it?).

YAEGASHI Takeshi <yaegashi at debian.org>

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