[Dovecot] LDA and auth-userdb socket permissions

a.smith at ukgrid.net a.smith at ukgrid.net
Tue Aug 23 23:18:02 EEST 2011

Quoting Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>:

> It doesn't have to be the primary group. This is more of an Exim side
> problem that it doesn't assign the supplementary groups (if it did, it
> would have worked with dovecot-lda). I don't think the way you
> configured Exim to call dovecot-lda is explained anywhere in Dovecot
> wiki?

I'm using the exact transport from the wiki  
(http://wiki2.dovecot.org/LDA/Exim) but with the addition of setting  
user and also I have a shadow transport configured. So, yes I do have  
a couple of differences to what is shown in the wiki...

WRT my problem, I will work around it using primary groups or possibly  
abolishing the option for users/domains to use any user other than  
vmail. I don't think its necessary but its how I inherited this  
particular mail setup...

thanks for your input,

cheers Andy.

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