[Dovecot] LDA and auth-userdb socket permissions

a.smith at ukgrid.net a.smith at ukgrid.net
Mon Aug 22 14:22:55 EEST 2011


   just wanted to check this as the wiki seems to have contradictory  
information. With respect to running the LDA as multiple UIDs the wiki  

[QUOTE]If you're using more than one UID for users, you're going to  
have problems running dovecot-lda, as most MTAs won't let you run  
dovecot-lda as root[/QUOTE]

But in the example for the config file the text reads:

service auth {
   unix_listener auth-userdb {
     mode = 0600
     user = vmail # User running dovecot-lda
     #group = vmail # Or alternatively mode 0660 + dovecot-lda user in  
this group

So it says you can stick the LDA user just in the (vmail or whatever)  
group and that is enough. So you aren't restricted to a single UID for  
access anymore...

I tested this and the later did not work, that is if I put my LDA user  
in the group for the auth-userdb socket with permissions 0660 I got an  
error back from dovecot saying that the owner was incorrect.

So, as it stands I guess the bit about setting group should be removed  
from the wiki?
Secondly, why doesn't this currently work? Why is the owner all important?

thanks Andy.

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