[Dovecot] Update indexes with dovecot 1.1

Angel L. Mateo amateo at um.es
Fri Aug 19 12:13:21 EEST 2011


	I have a farm of dovecot 1.1 servers (debian lenny). Mailboxes are in 
Maildir format.

	Is there any way to manually update indexes?

	Does it worth? I mean... Our problem is that mail is delivered via 
dovecot lda, but, because we have a farm of servers, we don't guarantee 
that mail is delivered through the same server that the user is using 
for his imap connection, so the imap server could have this index 
unupdated. So I want to force an update (or at least nearly updated) in 
order to have the index updated in all servers at the time the user get 
to work.

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