[Dovecot] mail spool filesystem

Julio Cesar Covolato julio at psi.com.br
Wed Aug 17 16:23:24 EEST 2011


I´m about to migrate a system whith 5000 accounts whith (~ 500GB) from 
"postfix/courier-imap/maildrop/mysql" to a new hardware whith 

  I´ll make a separate partition (raid 1) for the mail spool 
(/var/spool/vmail) and want to now what type of filesystem to use on it 
to increase performance. I read that XFS is a good choice, but is not 
too reliable...

Any sugestions?

Thanks in advance,

     _    Julio Cesar Covolato
    0v0<julio at psi.com.br>
   /(_)\  F: 55-11-3129-3366
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