[Dovecot] Segmentation fault in dovecot director lmtp service

Reinhard Vicinus r.vicinus at metaways.de
Wed Aug 17 14:42:27 EEST 2011


    the lmtp service of our dovecot director installation quits with a
    segmentation fault if a lot of mails are simultaneously delivered.
    For example if the postfix mailqueue is filled (for whatever reason)
    and postqueue -f is run the lmtp service quits with a segmentation

    Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.

    #0  o_stream_cork (stream=0x0) at ostream.c:75

    75              if (unlikely(stream->closed))

    (gdb) backtrace

    #0  o_stream_cork (stream=0x0) at ostream.c:75

    #1  0x00007fa6e6af45d9 in lmtp_client_send_more (client=0x2435870)
    at lmtp-client.c:596

    #2  0x0000000002434170 in ?? ()

    #3  0x00000000004070d9 in proxy_send_more (proxy=0x2435870) at

    #4  lmtp_proxy_data_input (proxy=0x2435870) at lmtp-proxy.c:444

    #5  0x00007fa6e6af456f in lmtp_client_send_data (client=0x24347a0)
    at lmtp-client.c:306

    #6  0x0000000002434f98 in ?? ()

    #7  0xffffffffe6af73c5 in ?? ()

    #8  0x0000000002434840 in ?? ()

    #9  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

    I don't have any ideas why the stream is 0. The configuration of the
    dovecot director installation is attached. Please let me know if i
    shall provide any more information or test something.

    Kind regards

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