[Dovecot] [Solved] How to make dovecot-lda/deliver mark a message as seen

Stefan Piegsa s at s7p.de
Wed Aug 10 23:19:30 EEST 2011

On 08/09/2011 05:48 PM, Stefan Piegsa wrote:
> On 08/08/2011 11:46 AM, Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
>> On 08/08/2011 09:43 AM, Stefan Piegsa wrote:
>>> Thanks for your reply!
>>> On 08/08/2011 08:36 AM, Andrzej Adam Filip wrote:
>>>> Have you considered using sieve for the task?
>>>> [Using imap4flags extension]
>>> Yes, but I think it's not the optimal solution for what I want to do:
>>> Basically, I don't want emails to be sent first to the MTA and then
>>> again to dovecot to be stored in "Sent Messages".
>>> So I made a script that puts an email received from the MTA by an
>>> authenticated user into his local Maildir/Sent folder, using:
>>> dovecot-lda -d $user -m Sent. Such emails should be marked as seen.
>>> Sieve would be an option if it were possible to have a global sieve
>>> script that is always executed, not only when there's no user script.
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Stefan
>> Could not you use sieve_before?
>> http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA/Sieve
>> You may consider using sieve_after if you want to allow users to
>> overwrite your choice of "self copy" handling.
> sieve_after sounds interesting!
> Is there a way to match the destination mailbox in a sieve script?
> The email comes in by dovecot-lda -d $user -m Sent
> Now the sieve script should somehow match the mailbox "Sent".

I solved the problem now as follows:
With MODIFY_REPLACE instead of MODIFY_ADD my original approach seems to 
I added an -S switch to the dovecot-lda sources and when it is set, I do
mail_update_flags(ctx.src_mail, MODIFY_REPLACE, MAIL_SEEN)
just before mail_deliver(...)

A solution without modifing dovecot's source would be more pleasant but 
I don't see an option to match the destination mailbox with sieve or any 
other way to set the seen flag upon mail delivery.

Best Regards,

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