[Dovecot] How to make dovecot-lda/deliver mark a message as seen

Stefan Piegsa s at s7p.de
Mon Aug 8 08:47:36 EEST 2011

Hello everybody,

I am using dovecot 2.0.13 and have a special case here in which I want a 
mail that is delivered locally with dovecot-lda to be marked as "seen".

In dovecot 1.1.7 I succeeded to achive this, by modifing deliver.c so 
that upon adding a -S switch to the command arguments, the flag 
MAIL_SEEN was added to the call of mailbox_copy(). This seemed to work 
pretty good.

With the new version, i tried to do something similar by selectively adding
mail_update_flags(ctx.src_mail, MODIFY_ADD, MAIL_SEEN);
just before the call of mail_deliver(), whenever the -S argument is given.

But this does not work. What is wrong?

Is there a better way to set MAIL_SEEN for a locally delivered mail? I 
would prefer a method that does not require to mess around in the 
dovecot sources. :-)

Thanks in advance & Best Regards,

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