[Dovecot] sievec - manual compile of global sieve scripts?

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Tue Aug 2 15:45:33 EEST 2011

On 8/2/2011 2:32 PM, Thomas Harold wrote:
> On 8/1/2011 8:43 PM, Stephan Bosch wrote:
>> On 8/1/2011 10:11 PM, Thomas Harold wrote:
>>> How do you compile global scripts using the sievec command without
>>> making the script directory owned (and group writable) by the vmail 
>>> user?
>>> http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Pigeonhole/Sieve/Usage
>>> # cd /etc/dovecot/sieve/before/
>>> # (edit some script like spam.sieve that runs for everyone)
>>> # /usr/local/bin/sievec spam.sieve spam.svbin
>>> sievec(root): Error: sieve: binary save: failed to create temporary
>>> file: open(spam.svbin.hostname.26921.) in directory
>>> /etc/dovecot/sieve/before failed: Permission denied (euid=5000(vmail)
>>> egid=5000(vmail) missing +w perm: /etc/dovecot/sieve/before, euid is
>>> not dir owner)
>> Why are you executing sievec as vmail in the first place? You should be
>> able to run it as root or any other user you use to manage global sieve
>> scripts.
> Sorry, I may not have been clear before, I am trying to run sievec as 
> root.  So the error is confusing to me because it looks like sievec is 
> trying to drop privs and do the compile as the vmail user.  I haven't 
> done anything special to the sievec file (like making it run as vmail 
> or always run as root, SELinux is in permissive mode until I gather up 
> enough entries in the audit log to make an audit2allow run useful).
> # ls -la /usr/local/bin
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 123989 Aug  1 12:25 sievec
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 119415 Aug  1 12:25 sieve-dump
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 133592 Aug  1 12:25 sieve-test

What versions of Dovecot (obviously v2.0+) and Pigeonhole are you using 
and what is your config (show dovecot -n output) ?

I suspect there may be a bug.



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