[Dovecot] sieve vacation reply

swartel at zero-spam.fr swartel at zero-spam.fr
Tue Aug 2 15:43:50 EEST 2011

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your reply.

After some more tests, it appears that mail aliases is the reason of 
this error. The vacation mode has been enabled on a mailbox that 
contains many aliases and one of them has been used as the recipient.
We used dovecot 2.0.12-0~auto+5 from debian old-stable repo. Is there 
anything we can do ?


Le 02/08/2011 12:59, Stephan Bosch a écrit :
> On 8/2/2011 12:21 PM, Stéphane Wartel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I get the same error !
>> Any idea to fix it ?
> This situation occurs when the message's To,CC,etc. headers do not 
> contain the recipient address (from the envelope). This can be caused 
> by a mailing list (to which it must not respond), but also by some 
> translation in your mail setup. The former case is intended behavior, 
> the latter is problematic. If your final recipient address does not 
> match what is in the message's headers due to some translation step in 
> the mail setup (e.g. aliasing), you have a problem.
> You can add the address listed in the headers to the :addresses 
> argument of the vacation command. That is not always a good solution 
> however. This problem is a bit old already, but some new solutions 
> have emerged for Dovecot v2.
> So, what exactly is your situation?
> Regards,
> Stephan.
>> Le 17/05/2011 18:03, Wojciech Giel a écrit :
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm configuring postfix with dovecot and roundcube. I'm using flat 
>>> files as passwdb userdb.
>>> Everything works fine except sieve vacation reply. when i send mail 
>>> from ex. user dennis to tytus I get "discarding vacation response 
>>> for message implicitly delivered to".
>>> What Am i doing wrong?
>>> thanks
>>> sieve: using sieve path for user's script: /home/tytus/.dovecot.sieve
>>> 2011-05-17 16:56:45 deliver(tytus): Info: sieve: opening script 
>>> /home/tytus/.dovecot.sieve
>>> 2011-05-17 16:56:45 deliver(tytus): Info: sieve: executing compiled 
>>> script /home/tytus/.dovecot.sieve
>>> 2011-05-17 16:56:45 deliver(tytus): Info: sieve: 
>>> msgid=<20110517155641.GA3452 at badger.example.com>: discarding 
>>> vacation response for message implicitly delivered to <tytus at badger>

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