[Dovecot] mbox issue - dovecot 2.0.13

John Alexander john.alexander at preachain.org
Tue Aug 2 08:13:31 EEST 2011

I'm running into the following issue when trying to delete a folder:

Aug  2 00:41:46 keg dovecot: imap(user): Error: 
stat(/home/user/mail/Trash/.imap/MoreTest) failed: Not a directory

Dovecot is creating directories correctly

/home/user/mail/.imap/Trash directory exists.
/home/user/mail/.imap/MoreTest directory exists
/home/user/mail/Trash file exists
/home/user/mail/MoreTest file exists

Config is:
mail_location = mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/%u

Where is this getting munged, please.

Thanks much


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