[Dovecot] web interface for user creation/vacation

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Tue Aug 2 04:01:35 EEST 2011

On 8/2/2011 1:55 AM, Chris Cappuccio wrote:

> Are there any decent front-ends to setup/manage per-user sieve filters?

There are several, but so far I am not too impressed by any of them. 
Most web-based versions are part of a webmail suite. The nicest one I've 
seen so far is the sieverules plugin for Roundcube. Then there is 
horde/ingo, which wasn't that fancy last time I looked. There is also 
squirrelmail/avelsieve, which is a bit ugly in a technical point of 
view, but it works quite well. There are older ones like smartsieve and 
websieve, but those are not maintained anymore and not compatible with 
Dovecot without patching them.

I'm hoping that someone writes a proper (native) PHP module for Sieve 
parsing in the near future. This is something that is currently barely 
done by web interfaces, with the effect that only one Sieve client can 
be used at the same time, because competitive clients will 
overwrite/mangle scripts of others, instead of trying to parse and 
adjust them. In fact, the only client I know (including the desktop 
ones) that somewhat parses the script on the server is the sieverules 
plugin for Roundcube.Therefore such a PHP module solves only part of the 
problem: web interfaces. Normal mail clients like Thunderbird, Outlook 
and Evolution don't have (proper) support for Sieve either, let alone 
script parsing functionality with a user-friendly GUI :/

Perhaps we should make a list of the available clients on the wiki 
somewhere with some information on how well these work with Dovecot.

There is a short list at http://sieve.info/clients.



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