[Dovecot] Kerberos GSSAPI - proper item name in keytab

Nikolay Shopik shopik at inblock.ru
Tue Aug 30 21:50:52 EEST 2011

On 30.08.2011 9:24, Stanislav Klinkov wrote:
>> Your principial in keytab should look like this -
>> imap/mail.example.com at EXAMPLE.COM
>> Make sure your realm name are all CAPS, otherwise it won't work.
> Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Why such hostility? A lot people miss that, nothing special here. And I 
did answer your second question about how principal should looks like.

Because mech-gssapi.c wasn't changed in years, so I doubt anything 
changed in 2.0 version compare to 1.2 series in GSSAPI. Maybe I wrong, 
not running yet 2.0.

Make sure your client requesting correct principal in first place. 
"Wrong principal in request", Usually means the principal in the system 
keytab for your system doesn't agree with the hostname or DNS name of 
the system.

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