[Dovecot] Can you POP a specific folder in Dovecot?

Amon Ott ao at m-privacy.de
Thu Oct 28 18:18:29 EEST 2010

On Thursday 28 October 2010 wrote Peter Reinhold:
> Someone wrote (Probably you), and the time was 14:23 28-10-2010
> >Though this is of course "Paradigm error" or "Trying to ice-skate up
> > hill". If you want to access folders, then use IMAP.
> This might be, but I like to be able to access my mail via webmail
> during the day, and then pop it to my local computer when I get home.
> Being on a couple of medium to high traffic mailinglists, and you
> quickly loose overview when in the webmail, and thats when its nice
> to be able to file the mails into folders.
> While you may not agree on the practice, it has worked pretty well
> for me the past many years, and i'd like to continue doing so, even
> on a new mailserver (and Dovecot has many nice features that my old one
> didn't)

You might consider fetching the mails with fetchmail, it supports retrieving 
from a given folder with IMAP.

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