[Dovecot] Can you POP a specific folder in Dovecot?

William Blunn bill+dovecot at blunn.org
Thu Oct 28 15:23:45 EEST 2010

On 28/10/2010 11:26, Peter Reinhold wrote:
> In my old setup, a user could have folders on the server, and by using 
> his login with the mailbox appended, could pop a given folder 
> specifically.
> For instance, logging in with user at example.com would pop INBOX, and 
> logging in with user-folder at example.com would pop just that specific 
> folder.
> Is it possible to do something like this in Dovecot, or is the only 
> possible way of popping folders by using the virtual plugin?

Though this is of course "Paradigm error" or "Trying to ice-skate up hill".

If you want to access folders, then use IMAP.

Historically IMAP has difficult, slow, unreliable and generally gnarly.

But nowadays Dovecot makes IMAP work well.

Of course you have to pick the right client. I've never had good 
experiences with MS-Outlook over IMAP, but then I haven't even bothered 
with it for several years. My current favourite is Thunderbird 3.


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