[Dovecot] [OT] dovecot appliance

Greg Pearson deejay.grp at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 13:15:40 EEST 2010

On 28/10/2010 12:22 μμ, Spyros Tsiolis wrote:
> --- On Thu, 28/10/10, Johan Hendriks<joh.hendriks at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> I am reading the mailinglist for a long time now, and there
>> was a thread i believe called webgui or something.
>> In this thread there was a company i believe german, that
>> was working on a dovecot appliance with a web based gui to
>> administrate a dovecot mail server.
>> The problem is i did not save the URL of that company.
>> Does anyone know which company make the appliance.
>> Or does anyone knows a good webbased tool for dovecot.
>> The reason is that in a windows environment, with only a
>> few FreeBSD machine's , my collega's get frustrated if they
>> can not use a mouse.
>> They even want a mouse on there smartphone's  :D
>> I am doing the administration of the mail server, but when
>> i am not there, it would be nice if they can do things them
>> selves.
>> thanks for your time.
>> regards,
>> Johan Hen
> Perhaps you could try Webmin (www.webmin.com). It has a Dovecot administration module as well.

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