[Dovecot] blackberry emails

Frank Bonnet f.bonnet at esiee.fr
Wed Oct 27 20:06:13 EEST 2010

Le 27/10/2010 15:21, Donny Brooks a écrit :
> On 10/27/2010 8:17 AM, dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us wrote:
>> Does anyone have clients using blackberrys to access their emails on a
>> dovecot server? If so are there any gotcha's that I need to configure
>> in dovecot for this to work? Looks like all emails go to and from a
>> blackberry server before getting to clients.
>> thanks,
>> ddh
> If you are referring to using a BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) then
> I don't think it will work with dovecot. As far as I know BES only works
> with Exchange and Novell groupwise. If you want to forward the emails to
> a standard BIS account though that should work except replying to those
> emails will come from the carrier network and not your own.
> Donny B.

I think Blackberry servers are able to connect to Dovecot as many 
students here use Blackberry and I can see many connections from
RIM on my server , so I think there is some mechanisms to configure
Blackberry to fetch private emails.

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