[Dovecot] LMTP with address extension

ckubu ckubu at so36.net
Tue Nov 30 20:59:11 EET 2010


> > I have a problem configuring lmtp service. I use postfix+dovcot2.0.7
> > with "recipient_delimeter = -". If i switch to dovecot-lda, all works
> > fine, but going to lmtp service it dosn't.
> I guess you mean Postfix's recipient_delimiter setting? Set it also in
> Dovecot's config.

Thanks for the fast response and sorry, yes i mean postfix's 
recipient_delimiter. I already testet with different settings of dovecot's 
recipient_delimiters. If setting global recipient_delimiter (15-lda.conf), 
lmtp accepted the mail (that was i expected), but sieve tried to deliver the 
mail to the (extension part named) subdirectory of that user, even if sieve's 
recipient_delimiter (90-sieve.conf) ist not set ("recipient_delimiter =").

In all my tests, setting of recipient_delimiter in part "plugin {.." doesn't 
do anithing. always the same behavior, if set or not.

In my situation, i want stay with setting "lda_mailbox_autocreate = yes" and 
on the other hand, i don't want mailbox creation based on recipient address.

I found a solution for that by setting userdb's user_query - i use a postgres 
database backend. if dovecot would spend a parameter for the smtp-servers 
address extension settings, it is possible to formulate that query in a more 
commen way.

I know, my understanding of address-extension handling is mostly influenced by 
qmails behavior and therefore: no offence. dovecot at all and in particular 
the lmtp service is very great !

sorry for my bad english

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