[Dovecot] How to know if dovecot director is running OK?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Nov 30 01:40:23 EET 2010

On 29.11.2010, at 11.48, Antonio Perez-Aranda wrote:

> If I put non standard port, then dovecot take on pair host/port will
> be got from passdb, But in this case, the IMAP port is 1430 and POP3
> is different from standard to. Because in the same machine can be
> running a old Courier instance with standard ports.
> At now, I got a dovecot director to balancing on Courier instances.
> ¿How can I change the standards ports in director?

There is no simple way to do this currently. What passdb do you use? With SQL you should be able to do something that based on %s returns the wanted port number. I don't remember the syntax, but something like:

password_query = select case '%s' when 'imap' 1430 when 'pop3' 1100 else null esac as port

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