[Dovecot] 2.0.7 (0757f4f5b882): LMTP Server refuses queued mail

Thomas Leuxner tlx at leuxner.net
Sun Nov 28 07:56:52 EET 2010

Am 27.11.2010 um 20:44 schrieb Timo Sirainen:

> Nothing in Dovecot's log? Typically this should log an error.

Nov 28 06:49:23 spectre postfix/qmgr[6175]: 4608E408C: from=<vzmaild at ft-ms-l1.serverloft.de>, size=307431, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Nov 28 06:49:23 spectre postfix/lmtp[18445]: 4608E408C: to=<tlx at leuxner.net>, relay=spectre.leuxner.net[private/dovecot-lmtp], delay=2360, delays=2360/0.01/0/0.01, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (host spectre.leuxner.net[private/dovecot-lmtp] said: 451 4.3.0 Temporary internal failure (in reply to end of DATA command))

Another mail stuck. Just a hunch: Mails over 128k cause trouble…

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