[Dovecot] (vaguely) related to: "doveadm auth user" ...

Clemens Schrimpe csch at kiez.net
Sun Nov 28 01:44:03 EET 2010

While digging through the code I remember having seen something like an (yet undocumented) "update_query" for SQL (and I guess something similar for the LDAP faction as well)?!

Can that be used to augment the "doveadm pw" function to actually /set/ the password for a given user instead of just "calculating" the hash, so that an operator can copy&waste it into the respective passdb?

Just curious ... I guess it would be nice to have "doveadm" become as central point of administration (yeah, yeah - we would still need a "create user" and "delete user", etc. -- but we would at least be further on our way, wouldn't we? :-)

Just 2¢ from


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