[Dovecot] IMAP aggregation and MUPDATE protocolo

Ernesto Revilla Derksen erevilla at yaco.es
Thu Nov 25 01:43:50 EET 2010


2010/11/24 Clemens Schrimpe <csch at kiez.net>:
>> I'm planning on implementing "IMAP client" backend for lib-storage, which means you could create namespaces that are proxied to remote IMAP server. Or even make Dovecot act as a caching IMAP proxy for your real IMAP server.
> Yes, yes --- YEEEESSSS, please!!! :-)
>        Clemens

Indeed, this sounds very interesting. I would be interested in this
"...proxied to remote IMAP server" stuff.

Namespace to imap server mapping would be perfect.

What we've already accomplished is do it inside a REST interface to
aggregate several IMAP accounts, but we would like to have a proof of
concept for IMAP aggregation. I couldn't find any solution, beside
Cyrus-Murder, so I concluded that I was on the bad way, and perhaps
should do the aggregation stuff at REST, Atom/RSS/Activity Feed level,
much like fuser.com, or just sync activity feeds with something like

Is IMAP aggregation proxying really so difficult? I know about the
problems of COPY (which in some cases in Cyrus-Murder is handled by
the proxy itself), but don't know if there are any other gotchas.


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