[Dovecot] proxy (director) and destination ports

Oliver Eales jester at arcor.de
Wed Nov 24 16:01:02 EET 2010


i am delivering Mail from postfix via LMTP to dovecot. I am using the 
director also for LMTP.
As long as i connect to the dovecot LMTP TCP socket from postfix 
everything is working.

postfix main.cf: virtual_transport= lmtp:localhost:30025

But when i try to  switch to the local socket

postfix main.cf: virtual_transport = lmtp:unix:private/dovecot-lmtp

The dovecot proxy tries to connect to the backend server port 0 which is 
obviously not working.
The proxy always seems to connect to the same port on the backend as it 
was accessed itself.

Nov 24 14:55:09 auth: Debug: master out: PASS   1       user=1000000000030      proxy
Nov 24 14:55:09 lmtp(7330): Debug: auth input: user=1000000000030 proxy host= proxy_refresh=450
Nov 24 14:55:09 lmtp(7330): Error: lmtp client: connect(, 0) failed: Connection refused
Nov 24 14:55:11 director: Error: director( connect() failed: Connection refused

Is it possible to set the destination port (30025) of the backend server 
to the proxy ?


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