[Dovecot] Automatic expire on post-login

Antonio Perez-Aranda aperezaranda at yaco.es
Wed Nov 24 10:57:22 EET 2010

I need to clear two folder from Maildir at login.

Exatly, delete all mails older than 30 days on Trash and 1 day on spam folder.

I'm using dovecot 2.0 and I think about use a post-login script
calling doveadm -u $user expunge but post-login scripts in dovecot 2.0
are very complex

Is there possible to get the environment vars like on dovecot 1.2 ?

I think this action must be done by expire plugin, but it isn't the
work method if as I understand after read wiki2.dovecot.org about
expire plugin, It run only with a cronjob.

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