[Dovecot] two mailboxes - sieve?

Egbert Jan van den Bussche egbert at vandenbussche.nl
Wed Nov 24 09:48:28 EET 2010

Op 24-11-2010 1:48, Daniel L. Miller schreef:
> On 11/23/2010 1:16 PM, Egbert Jan van den Bussche wrote:
>> Op 23-11-2010 22:08, Charles Marcus schreef:
>>> On 2010-11-23 2:04 PM, Egbert Jan van den Bussche wrote:
>>>> Hi helpful list!
>>>> I have this user that has two different accounts om the mail server.
>>>> One
>>>> is a system account, the other is a virtual account (for what it is
>>>> worth...). This user would like to have all his email to the virtual
>>>> mail box (maildir format) automatically moved (or delivered) to the
>>>> system mailbox (also maildir fornat). Both are on the same machine and
>>>> use the same postfix/dovecot installation. Something tells me that I
>>>> might need the sieve plugin for lda here since dovecot is the local
>>>> delivery transport. I have no knowledge whatsoever about sieve or its
>>>> scripting. What do I need to o apart from enabling the sieve plugin in
>>>> dovecot.conf?
>>>> Or is there another simple solution for this problem directly in
>>>> Postfix
>>>> or with fetchmail? A simple working example would be wonderful!
> At least two alternatives are available to you. Pure Postfix solution,
> using the recipient_bcc_maps parameter; or Sieve, using the redirect.
> Simple Sieve script needs to be enabled for the base mailbox (in this
> case, the virtual mailbox):
> # Sieve script file
> keep;
> redirect "copymail at domain.com";
> Pure Postfix option -
> 1. Create a file to store mappings - I use /etc/postfix/maps/recipient_bcc
> 2. Add entries to that file in the form:
> mail at domain.com copymail at domain.com
> 3. "Compile" the file - 'postmap /etc/postfix/maps/recipient_bcc' - this
> creates recipient_bcc.db
> 4. Add 'recipient_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/maps/recipient_bcc' to
> main.cf
> 5. Execute 'postfix reload'
> Further questions should be directed to the Postfix mailing list.

Many thanks. I've been playing with the pure Postfix solution but came 
not further than de 'user has moved' feature which only sends an 
friendly DSN. I do wantto learn about sieve, so I'll dig into that 
further on a test system and implement the bcc trick for now.

Egbert Jan

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