[Dovecot] maildir maintenance?

Brian Kroth bpkroth at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 04:55:02 EET 2010

Hi, I'm running version 1.2.15 (so no doveadm) with around 6000 maildir
users, some of which are very large.  For completeness, the details of
the setup are as follows: 
- The maildirs are stored via NFS.
- The indexes are on a volume local to the dovecot server.
- Only one IMAP server currently.
- A separate sendmail/procmail server delivers via NFS.

I recently wrote the attached script (could probably be improved) meant
in theory to be run as a nightly cron job to do the follow:
1) Remove old messages marked as deleted.
(I didn't really like the expunge/trash plugins the last time I looked
at them.)
2) Rebuild the indexes to account of those changes.
(So that the users aren't delayed by dovecot rebuilding them.)
3) Rebuild FTS indexes.
(Again to avoid delay.)
4) Rebuild the maildirsize file.
(It seems to become slightly inaccurate over time.)

To the devs, I'm wondering if this seems sane?

To other users of dovecot, I'm wondering what, if any sort of
maintenance operations you tend to do in your setups?

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