[Dovecot] Doveoct crashes: UID

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Tue Nov 23 15:30:32 EET 2010

On 2010-11-23 5:27 AM, Robert Schetterer wrote:
> Am 23.11.2010 09:57, schrieb Peer Heinlein:
>> We're running Dovecot 2.0.2 and sometimes a user creates several imap-
>> prozesses, all of them hanging with the UID-command, using 100% of the 
>> CPU resources:


>> Unfortunetaly I can't try an update at the moment. :-(

> current is
> 2.0.7

Peer - 2.0.x is still a rapidly moving target, and for some users is
probably not a good idea to use for a production system - *especially*
if you're not able to update it quickly when a new version is released.

It sounds like you might want to revert to latest/stable 1.2 (1.2.16 at
the moment), and wait until 2.0 is more stable (probably that means 2.1)...


Best regards,


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