[Dovecot] Trying to populate dovecot with outlook contacts

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Tue Nov 23 13:22:00 EET 2010

Am 23.11.2010 11:48, schrieb Spyros Tsiolis:
> Hello,
> What the subject says.
> I am trying, that is.
> OK, here's the story.
> Users very lazy. Don't want to write down their contact details
> from scratch.
> Here's what I thought :
> migrate (export?) contacts from outlook to mozilla thunderbird.
> Then find a way to make thunderbird "talk" to dovecot, so that
> the latter can import the contact details from mozilla tb.
> Any ideas ? Will it work ? Am I ranting ? :-)
> Thank you all,

that has nothing to do with dovecot which is an imap / pop3 server
export adresses from outlook to your prefered file format i.e ldif,
csv , import it in thunderbird

the whole stuff might be wizzarided yet, as far i rembember thunderbird
ask for import stuff from outlook at first start, whatever
for autoconfig servername ports etc with thunderbird/outlook ( up to
2007 ) propagate some stuff in dns anf have right xml entries on some

other possibility configure horde webmail as syncml server
use funambol plugins in outlook ,export sync contacts to horde, sync them
with thunderbird later from horde, as well as with i.e some

if using horde dev 4 you can try active sync too,
or use zarafa, funambol etc

at last no dovecot job, as long you dont use i.e some kolab extension
etc with using imap folder for contacts

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MfG Robert Schetterer


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