[Dovecot] Soft Quota for moving messages

Patrick Westenberg pw at wk-serv.de
Sun Nov 21 13:11:01 EET 2010

Miha Vrhovnik schrieb:
> "Patrick Westenberg"<pw at wk-serv.de>  wrote on 20.11.2010 23:46:14:
>> You can give additional space to e.g. Trash mailbox:
>> quota_rule2 = Trash:storage=100M
> Patrick you sure, that doesn't mean that the trash quota is 100M?
> Haven't tested your version, but for sure I know, that the one below is most definitely full quota + 100M
> Trash:storage=+100M

As far as I remember the "+" is obsolete now.
My logfile told me ;-)

And the wiki also says "additional space".

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