[Dovecot] problems with folders in another server (2nd. issue)

Jose Luis Faria jose at di.uminho.pt
Thu Nov 18 14:55:16 EET 2010

Hello ppl,

we are using two servers, with dovecot 2.0.5, Sx and Sy,

cat dovecot-ldap-ext:
pass_attrs = uid=user,userPassword=password,=y=proxy,mailHost=host

When I access server Sx via IMAP I see all my folders.
When I access server Sy via IMAP it do not proxy to Sx.

I want to see my IMAP folders independently of the server.

any help?

     :)   cumprimentos
José Luís Faria
Network Eng./Administrador de Sistemas
Departamento de Informática
Universidade do Minho
Braga, Portugal

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