[Dovecot] Mail history function?

Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Wed Nov 17 15:36:30 EET 2010

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> I sugest the notify, because the admin can know if a user open a 
> email, copy to another folder, delete the email....etc.
> but using the MTA it can be a solution too.
At least in Germany, doing this is quite risky as this gives lots of 
information about the person.
German law limits the use of profiles like these quite strictly; in 
general an employer has no business to log all these actions generally.
This does not mean it can be helpful for diagnosing problems, but I 
would not recommend to do so as a general procedure.
On the other hands, it is a de-facto requirement today that you can 
trace every communiction that has entered the company.
The only place where you can do this without potentiall missing some 
messages is the MTA. This is why all the archival tools want to couple 
to the MTA...


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