[Dovecot] mailboxes and IMAP folders mirroring ?

"Javier de Miguel Rodríguez" javierdemiguel at us.es
Wed Nov 17 14:38:21 EET 2010


On 17 de noviembre de 2010 at 13:30 Frank Bonnet <f.bonnet at esiee.fr> wrote:

> Hello
> This is a bit off Dovecot but ... 
You can accomplish that in several ways:
1º Use inotify to rsync when mbox file changes (I recommend maildir for this,
you do not have to copy the whole file)
2º Use replicated storage (maybe this is not what you are looking for)
3º Search for "continous data protection" (cdp) in google 

> I'm searching some software to mirror mailboxes and IMAP forlders
> from the mailhub to another (clone) computer.
> Actually I use rsync daily but I wonder if it exists some software
> that are real time mirroring capable ?
> I'm using Dovecot 1.2.14 and Postfix with MBOX format.
> Thanks

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