[Dovecot] Mail history function?

Oliver Berse mail at oliver-berse.de
Wed Nov 17 13:48:16 EET 2010

I'm a newbie at Dovecot. For a company groupware I need a kind of a
history function for mails to see which user sent which mail to whom / got
which mail from whom. So I have to get the message ID of in- and outgoing
mails (and write related data to a mysql database). My first idea was to
monitor the log file with a daemon and search for strings like
"deliver(x at y.z): 2010-11-15 17:34:56 Info:
msgid=<AANLkTikoRgUiEg2KgUW2gLmULD4TX-bPst4yhUbuHoEH at a.b>". I'm not sure
if this is the right approach. Does anyone know a better solution with


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