[Dovecot] Help - custom vpopmail

Rick Romero rick at havokmon.com
Tue Nov 16 18:30:21 EET 2010


  First, I'm not sure if dovecot should alter this, but it seems vpopmail
writes the IP into the 'remote_ip' field instead of the auth type. Dovecot
still writes the auth type.  I want both.

  So I modified my vpopmail install to write an additional field into the
lastauth table.  My custom vpopmail writes the remote IP into remote_ip,
and the auth type into a 'type' field. I tested with qmail's POP3 daemon to
verify vchkpw would fill the table correcly.

  But I'm not sure how to get dovecot to do it:

  I know this is close, but there is something not right in
src/auth/userdb-vpopmail.c line 99.
  vset_lastauth(vpop_user, vpop_domain, &auth_request->remote_ip,

  I'm, by far, NOT a C programmer - Feel free to laugh at my code publicly



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