[Dovecot] Single-instance storage is bad for you!

Dennis Guhl dg at dguhl.org
Tue Nov 16 01:23:21 EET 2010

Stan Hoeppner schrieb:


> I'm blowing nothing out of proportion.  I simply made an observation.  I

I think you might have, by now, noticed OPs the humour -- so I won't 
stress it.

> don't know about Europe, or anywhere else, but in American cusiness
> culture, in general, most users either dislike or outright hate the IT

I can't speak for Europe at all but in here in Germany most people like 
thier IT at large.


> I believe you are making this into more than it needs to be.  Have you
> ever worked in an IT environment with over 1000 users?  And those users


> all love the IT staff, baking cookies for them etc?  Send me contact


> info PLEASE so I can forward my resume.

Nope, the job is taken.

. o O (and Charles might be right, he might be bored to death)


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