[Dovecot] Trying to building a customized auth plugin

Antonio Perez-Aranda aperezaranda at yaco.es
Mon Nov 15 20:03:56 EET 2010

I'm on dovecot 2.0.7 and I trying to building a customized auth plugin.

I take passdb-passwd-file.c and userdb-passwd-file.c to try to build
with a simple gcc comand out of dovecot environment as in example:

export DOVECOT=/path/to/untar/dovecot-2.0.7
gcc -fPIC -shared -g -Wall -I$DOVECOT \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/lib \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/lib-auth  \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/lib-sql \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/lib-settings \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/lib-ntlm \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/lib-master \
     -I$DOVECOT/src/auth \
     passdb-passwd-file.c -o passdb-passwd-file.o

With this, I get errors relate with uoff_t

Is possible to build this plugin by this way?

Another way is patching against one plugin on dovecot RPM, but I
prefer this on a separated RPM.

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