[Dovecot] Local node indexes in a cluster backend with GFS2

Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes alietsantiesteban at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 08:44:49 EET 2010

Hi, all
this days I'm testing a dovecot setup using lvs, director and a cluster
email backend with two nodes using rhel5 and gfs2. In the two nodes of the
email backend I configured mail location this way:

mail_location =

/var/vmail is shared clustered filesystem with GFS2 shared by node1 and

/var/indexes is a local filesystem at the node, so each node has his own
/var/indexes stuff on ext3 and raid1 for improving performance, I mean each
node a different /var/indexes of its own.

Now, if the director was using node2 for the email for user1 and I removed
node2 now all the connections for that user are redirected to node1, that
node has its local /var/indexes, when this ocurr I can not see the emails
that in fact are in the mailboxes, I guess should be indexes not current
with the user mails.
Is supposed indexes to be rebuilt automatically when the node switches?? Or
I have to configure the indexes in the shared storage so the two node update
the information concurrently?
I will appreciate your help...
best regards

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