[Dovecot] Single-instance storage is bad for you!

Daniel L. Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Mon Nov 15 08:34:26 EET 2010

This single-instance storage is going to encourage bad habits!  I just 
found myself preparing an e-mail that needs to be sent to multiple 
recipients - including several within my own organization - yet it's not 
necessary for everyone (in-house) to get the large attachment.  As I was 
getting ready to split the message into two parts for distribution I 
remembered - I can just send it to EVERYBODY in-house and it only 
occupies a single instance - which it would anyway just being in my 
"sent" folder!  Blasting away...

You're quite the enabler, Timo!  Now any mail admin who tries to lecture 
users on only sending attachments to those in-house personnel who really 
need it, because otherwise it's wasteful of precious server storage 
space, is going to hear the response, "Dude - don't stress out so much - 
just setup Dovecot with SIS!".

Thanks again!

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