[Dovecot] Is Dovecot Director stable for production??

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Sun Nov 14 00:29:16 EET 2010

Am 13.11.2010 19:44, schrieb Aliet Santiesteban Sifontes:
> Today I will try Dovecot Director for a setup using a Cluster Backend with
> GFS2 on rhel5, my question is if is Director stable for use in production
> for large sites, I know is mainly designed for NFS but I believe it will do
> the job also for a cluster filesystem like GFS2 and should solve the mail
> persistence problem with a node and locking issues.
> I plan to add a layer behind a load balancer to do the stuff, I will
> appreciate if you guys can point me to best practices in configuring the
> director, or how the thing works since is new for me, I have seen the
> example conf but I don't have clarity in some of the concepts and the wiki
> is empty.
> I use 2.0.6, thank's for a great job with dovecot.
> best regards, Aliet

i have 2 dovecot/postfix behind 2 loadbalancers keepalived
maildir store on with ocfs2 on drbd , configs etc are on
mysql-master-master replication ,no problems so far

you should not run into trouble with GFS2
using right config dovecot entries

never used the director if you mean this

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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