[Dovecot] proctitle woes with 2.0.7 vs. 2.0.6

Clemens Schrimpe csch at kiez.net
Sat Nov 13 03:25:38 EET 2010

>> It seems, that while anvil has gained some verbosity,
> Yes.
>> auth and imap-login (and maybe pop-login) seem to have lost their "voice".
>> Is there any intention behind this or did I ran into a "bug"?
> Maybe. What OS?

Mac OS X 10.6.5

But again: I had just swapped binaries - everything else, including the OS, of course, remained the same.

Seeing that anvil can "do it" I presume, that the process_title_set() routine still works?!


PS: Anything I can do to help test/debug this?

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