[Dovecot] Dovecot + vpopmail + shared folders

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Fri Nov 12 21:43:52 EET 2010

I'm using dovecot 1.2.14 with vpopmail.

I've enabled shared folders and the default setup was not working. The  
default setup being this line:

location = maildir:%%h/Maildir:INDEX=~/Maildir/shared/%%u

Going through the Archives I saw a message from Timo that said to  
apply a patch and use this line instead:

location =  

It seems like the patch is already existing in version 1.2.14 and that  
line works well for shared folders for domains directly under  

However, with vpopmail after a certain number of domains, it starts  
putting them in /usr/home/vpopmail/domains/A, ..domains/B, etc.

Shared folders do not work for those domains since my location line is  
forcing it to look directly in /usr/home/vpopmail/domains/xyz.com  
instead of /usr/home/vpopmail/domains/A/xyz.com

Any workaround this ? How come we can't use %h or ~/ directly ?

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