[Dovecot] $MAIL environment variable to override mail_location works in v1.2.16 but not in v2.0.7 for /usr/libexec/dovecot/imap

Giam Teck Choon dovecot.org at choon.net
Thu Nov 11 21:24:41 EET 2010

>>> I noticed v2.0.7 is not using $MAIL environment variable to override
>>> mail_location?
>> -o mail_location=blah
> Ha... so simple and tested... works!

Will v1.2.16 works with the same options?  Like below?

/usr/libexec/dovecot/imap -O -o mail_location=blah... ...


if [ -n "$MAIL" ] ; then
	export MAIL=maildir:`echo $MAIL | sed 's@:@::@g'`
exec "$@" -O -o mail_location=$MAIL

Where $@ is actually /usr/libexec/dovecot/imap.


Kindest regards,
Giam Teck Choon

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