[Dovecot] Phantom email message

Marc Perkel marc at perkel.com
Wed Nov 10 23:25:38 EET 2010

On 11/10/2010 12:15 PM, Charles Marcus wrote:
> On 2010-11-10 2:59 PM, Marc Perkel wrote:
>> Got sort of a strange problem on one email account. Everything works
>> fine with Thunderbird/IMAP showing the correct unread message count. But
>> on my DroidX smartphone one of my email accounts always shows one unread
>> message, but I can't bring any unread messages up. It's like there's
>> something there making it think there's a message when there isn't.
>> The email client is K-9 mail
>> Anyone have any ideas?
> If you're sure there aren't any unread messages, and TB correctly
> reports that fact, then it sounds like a K-9 bug... best to report it
> there...
> http://groups.google.com/group/k-9-mail

I have two email account - both on my server - and one works correctly 
and one doesn't. I'm using maildir format and I'm thinking that perhaps 
there might be some odd file there that is counted as a message but is 
not readable as a message?

But - I don't know.

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