[Dovecot] Problem with dovecot delivery (version 2.0.7)

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Wed Nov 10 07:09:34 EET 2010

Maxime Longuepee put forth on 11/9/2010 11:01 PM:

> I've been having an issue with dovecot since yesterday and can't figure
> it out.

It would be really helpful if you mentioned what you changed yesterday.
 If delivery functioned before yesterday, and now it doesn't, you
obviously changed something that caused breakage.

> All my users can send mail without any problem but all incomming mail
> are deffered. Here is the log from postfix complaining the mail has been
> deferred:
> Nov 9 23:35:51 www postfix/pipe[50019]: A20EB145FC2C: to=,
> relay=dovecot, delay=819, delays=819/0.01/0/0.01, dsn=4.3.0,
> status=deferred (temporary failure)
> And here is the log from dovecot complaining it can't complete the
> operation /var/log/dovecot-deliver.log:
> Nov 09 23:35:51 lda(EMAIL REMOVED FOR PRIVACY): Fatal:
> setresgid(6(mail),6(mail),6(mail)) failed with euid=143(dovecot):
> Operation not permitted


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