[Dovecot] Help! LDAP/AD Problem with dovecot

Christian Fischer mail at computerdichter.de
Wed Nov 10 01:46:50 EET 2010

Hey Folks,

i am trying to get Dovecot LDA to work with Active Directory

dovecot --version

While using Postfix to deliver mail, dovecot does only imap-Services, 
passdb is auth bind and userdb is static.

NOW i want to use Sieve Scripts. So LDA of dovecot is required. So 
userdb lookup is required.
With use of virtual Mailboxes i have a working postfix setup, which 
needs to be transferred to dovecot.


uris = ldap://
auth_bind = yes
dn = myldapuser at mydomain
dnpass = mypass
#ldap_version = 3
base = DC=base,DC=com
deref = never
scope = subtree
user_attrs = sAMAccountName=mail=maildir:/home/vmail/%$/.EMAIL, 
=uidNumer=5000, =gidNumber=5000

user_filter = 
pass_attrs = sAMAaccountName=user,userPassword=password
pass_filter = (&(objectClass=person)(sAMAaccountName=%u))

My errors are:

- While logging in with IMAP
2010-11-10 00:32:30 imap-login: Error: Timeout waiting for handshake 
from auth server. my pid=16293, input bytes=0

- manual execution of deliver -d myuser at domain.tld:
010-11-10 00:34:16 deliver(myuser at domain.tld): Error: userdb 
lookup(...): Connecting timed out

As i said - postfix works!

Thankx for any help!

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