[Dovecot] emails getting mangled when dragging from Exchange account to IMAP shared folders

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Nov 10 01:08:12 EET 2010

On 9.11.2010, at 22.16, Scott Goodwin wrote:

> in-log attached.  I don't see any truncation in there, though you can see
> that there is the byte sequence 0D090A09 in there, which I think is what is
> breaking it (whatever "it" is).

Yeah. Outlook adds the extra empty line there in the middle.

> Still not sure if this indicates the mangling happens somewhere on my linux
> server, or somewhere upstream in Outlook/Exchange.
> God I hate having to deal with Outlook.

You'd have to look at the outgoing IMAP traffic on the Outlook machine. (I don't know how.)

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