[Dovecot] how can I use different LDAP config for LDA and AUTH?

Zhou, Yan yzhou at medplus.com
Tue Nov 9 17:57:16 EET 2010

Hi there,

I am setting up mail client with DoveCot and, at the same time, use
Postfix to deliver message to DoveCot via LDA. I want to support having
user name "jsmith" on my mail client, and that gets all messages for
email address:  dovecotdemo at domain.  (The user name is different from
what is in the email address). In addition, all user & password look up
is handled by LDAP. 

Here is my problem:
1. my mail client will login as "jsmith", that goes through LDAP to find
mail/home/password for this user.  (this matches user name) 
2. When postfix delivers a message, DoveCot LDA will find a match with
email address "dovecotdemo at domain", it goes through the same LDAP
configuration.  (this matches email address).

You can see the two search criteria are different, but by default they
use the same passdb and userdb configuration. I want to use a different
LDAP config. file for LDA to use, where it will match the email address
(so that it is different from the default dovecot-ldap.conf, which is
used by authentication). 

DoveCot Deliver can specify a separate configuration file with "-c", so
I tried that. But I cannot get LDA to use a different configuration.
Would should be an example of config file used by Deliver?

Anyone running into this problem?


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