[Dovecot] Can't expand ~ for mail root dir

Leo Baltus Leo.Baltus at omroep.nl
Tue Nov 9 16:50:46 EET 2010


I am not an this list, I hope it gets through:

We just moved from dovecot-1.2.12 to dovecot-2.0.6.

One of our users wants his mail directly in his homedir which worked
fine so far but with 2.0.6:

Nov 09 15:19:25 imap(foo.bar at example.com): Error: user foo.bar at example.com: Initialization failed: Initializing mail storage from mail_location setting failed: No home directory for system user. Can't expand ~ for mail root dir in: ~:INBOX=/e/ml/tech1/home/foo

from dovecot.conf:

userdb {
  args = /some/path/to/passwd
  driver = passwd-file


foo.bar at example.com::1019:1019:Foo Bar:/e/ml/tech1/home/foo::userdb_mail=maildir:~:INBOX=/e/ml/tech1/home/foo

We've changed that for now:

foo.bar at example.com::1019:1019:Foo Bar:/e/ml/tech1/home/foo::userdb_mail=maildir:/e/ml/tech1/home/foo:INBOX=/e/ml/tech1/home/foo

~/mail did work but was not desired by the user:

foo.bar at example.com::1019:1019:Foo Bar:/e/ml/tech1/home/foo::userdb_mail=maildir:~/mail:INBOX=/e/ml/tech1/home/foo

~/ didn't work either:

foo.bar at example.com::1019:1019:Foo Bar:/e/ml/tech1/home/foo::userdb_mail=maildir:~/:INBOX=/e/ml/tech1/home/foo

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